January Member Spotlight

Meet Wade Batch- He Lost 75 lbs!

Wade B&A 2015


This month’s member spotlight is wade batch. We chose wade because of many reasons: He always brings us chocolate (okay, kidding), but really- we chose him because he has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today. Not only that, wade has battled a few health problems during his weight-loss journey and still came out losing 75lbs which is truly inspiring! Wade has also participated in 3 challenges and came out winning 2 of them, and also went from doing his own routine to being a member in Route 250 Performance Training where he participates and enjoys Cross-Training classes. Our marketing manager, Steph, sat down with him and asked him a few questions to really get to know his story, and here it is.


What is your fitness history? Meaning have you been active all of your life, had fluctuating weight, etc.

I’ve been chubby as a kid and a little overweight. I did play some sports through school on & off and tried to stay active as a kid. Into my adult years, it was harder to keep being active because of my job: I started driving truck which required long hours and different locations so It was a lot harder for me.


 How did you start your transformation?

I started my transformation in September of 2014. At the time, I had recently gotten laid off of truck driving ( ive been a truck driver for 34 years). For a little bit, I just sat around and finally I told myself that I wasn’t going to do that anymore. I got off the couch and came into super fitness and signed up for a gold gym membership.


How have your eating habits changed?

Luckily, I always had pretty decent eating habits, but now, I eat a lot more vegetables and am more cautious of what I eat and how much I eat.


What made you want to make a change? Was there a single moment? Did you get fed up with frustration?

When I was laid off of work- that was the biggest trigger for me. I didn’t want to sit around and feel sad and eat. I wanted to do something that could possibly make the situation better.


What were some challenges you faced along the way…or still face?

I have had on-going thyroid problems for years and tried different medicines to help, but the problems continued even through when I started at the gym in September. After my start of healthier lifestyle, I went to the doctors and had more tests done which resulted in getting my entire thyroid removed in February of 2015. I started to lose more weight and feel better and have more energy to do classes at the gym. I even started to get involved with Route 250 Cross-Training at super fitness and joined a recent weight loss challenge called fit for fall where I lost 18lbs over 6 weeks and won!

– I also used to be a Stage 2 Diabetic and no longer am and don’t need medicine!


– Also, just getting out of bed and coming in- you have to change your lifestyle you have to want to better yourself no matter what and to keep progressing.


What kind of results have you seen? Meaning–where did you start and what have been the milestones you’ve hit along the way to get you to where you are today?

Taking care of my health was a big part in my weight loss. After my thyroid was removed I was able to do so much more! When I weighed in at the beginning of my membership at Super Fitness, I was 325lb. Now I am 250 lbs- so I’ve lost 75lbs total.


 How do you feel today compared to before your transformation and what keeps you motivated? How has your health changed?

I feel great! I feel a lot more energized and able to take on more classes.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned throughout your transformation?


The most valuable lesson is to stay positive no matter what – even for my classmates- I think the best thing that helped me was joining Route 250 performance training and being a part of a community of people and coaches who genuinely enjoy fitness and support and push each other further.

Also, Don’t drink pop ( ha-ha)


Has your relationship with your spouse (or family) changed? How? Have your children been affected by your transformation?


I have a friend who recently told me that she noticed a huge difference in not only my weight loss, but my health. When she used to call me before the weight loss, she would hear me wheezing between sentences and used to be worried. Now, I don’t even wheeze and am never out of breath.


Do you have any advice for others in similar situations–or any “words of wisdom?”


Also, don’t give up- stay focused on the results you want and in the end God makes things work.


If you would like to be featured in our Member Spotlight or would like to nominate someone, please call Steph or send her an email at stephanie@teamsuperfit.com

Route 250 Performance Training

 IMG_2739       IMG_2745       IMG_2740

Did you Hear the Exciting News?

Super Fitness is excited to let the public know that we have added a top of the line training facility in the back of Super Fitness to house Route 250 Performance Training.

What is Route 250 Performance Training?

Route 250 is a community with a focus on progressive functional training. There are many different classes with a variety of equipment and training methods. The mix of strength training along with agility and cardio training that will ensure the most efficient results. We believe in results! In order to get the most efficient, long lasting results, we must continually stretch ourselves with new routines.


What is included in Route 250 Performance Training?

Route 250

 This membership includes:

  • State of the art equipment
  • 40 yards of turf
  • Monolift
  • Olympic lifting platforms and Olympic plates
  • Full access to Super Fitness
  • Choose babysitting or tanning level 1
  • Hydromassage
  • Heavy bags
  • Wrestling mats
  • Spinning solo- spin whenever you want
  • TRX rig and straps
  • Rogue rig
  • Rogue equipment
  • Keiser strength equipment
  • LesMills BodyPump
  • LesMills Grit
  • TRX
  • BurnOut
  • Insanity
  • Special Clinics held throughout the month
  • On Ramp, a six-class preparation class teaching you how to move safely, efficiently, and effectively in all of the Route 250 Performance Training Classes.
  • Wodify, a results tracking web-based program that can be accessed from anywhere and within the program members can track their results, see their progress and log their nutrition

Couple and family plans are available.

Can be canceled any time after agreement period with a 30 day notice. Inquire about Student, Military, and 1st responder Discounts.


Route 250 Plus

  This membership includes:

  •  Everything the Route 250 Membership includes
  • Cross Training
  • Smart Group Training
  • Babysitting
  • All levels of tanning

Couple and family plans are available.

Can be canceled any time after agreement period with a 30 day notice. Inquire about Student, Military, and 1st responder Discounts.


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