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Alana Bennington - Personal Trainer

Why do I personal train? It’s what I love and I know how it feels to be on the losing end of fitness and I can help with the mental and physical.

What are my favorite exercises: Squats and Power Lifting

My workout tip: Constant variation of style, type and intensity of exercises.

My nutrition tip: Eat Clean!  If it has a long shelf life then it will shorten your life!


  • W.I.T.S. Personal Training
  • Insanity
  • CFL 1

Johnnie Ray - Personal Trainer

At age 37 I realized at 291 pounds that I was not the person I thought I was going to grow up to be. I joined Super Fitness to get healthy and fit. After a couple of month of hard work, I decided it would be great to help others that have struggled like me. So, in 2009 I completed my personal training certification. Then in 2011 I completed my Les Mills certification in BodyPUMP. I look forward to finishing my own journey as well as helping you with yours.

Why do I personal train? I loved the help that personal trainers gave me and I want to help others because I know where you are and where you can go!

My favorite exercise: TRX

My workout tip: Get it done – no matter what else.

My nutrition tip: Think first – 3500 calories to lose a pound.


  • WITS Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX
  • BodyPUMP
  • Bosu
  • Cardio Boxing
  • Les Mills GRIT Certified

Eric Williams - Personal Trainer

Why do I personal train? I enjoy working with people and I take pride in helping individuals reach their fitness goals – whatever they be.

What are my favorite exercises: Dumbbell bench press & TRX Clutch Curls

My workout tip: I like to superset exercises that hit different areas.

My nutrition tip: Try not to consume carbs in the evening as your day is winding down to prevent them being stored in your body as fat.


  • Bachelors of Exercise Science
  • Masters of Exercise Physiology
  • TRX

Rick Bridgeman - Personal Trainer

Why do I personal train? I originally become a part of the fitness industry for my own knowledge and a healthier life style. Growing up I knew I loved to workout I just always felt like there was more to know then just doing the heavy lifting that a lot of coaches want you to do for sports. As I grew and learned more and more about fitness, I realized that a new passion had sparked and that passion was now teaching others proper fitness techniques. Now as a personal trainer, I am allowed to help change people’s lives for the better!!

My favorite exercise: My favorite workout equipment would have to be the Bosu Ball. Most people would look at me and probably see me as a heavy lifter and all about the weights but I honestly find the Bosu Ball better because of all the various core exercises you can get from it. You can actually get a full body work out on it all while shredding your abs if you want.

My tip to stay motivated tip: For me, I see everyone as a pilot in there own aircraft so therefore….you will ultimately determine when and where you are going to land with your goals. Plus if everything in life was easy, everyone would be doing it, so therefore make things fun and give yourself small challenges, then achieve those challenges and before you know it; you will not only be challenging yourself but others as well!

My healthy snack: That for me is a toss up between the fit crunch peanut butter bar and a simple combat shake. I will honestly have one of those with a honey crisp apple any day.


  • CFL 1
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Mood Do Won
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and 1st Degree Black Belt in Bong Soul

I have over 16 and a half years of Military Exercise knowledge and experience as serving with the United States Navy. Through ought my military experience I am also a Certified Corrections Officer as well as a Barber. I have trained for Sports Science with NASM as well as Thomas Edison State College. I am now working on a Personal Trainer Certification with ACE as well. 

Ron Cochenour - Personal Trainer

After 35 years, I retired as a physical education and health teacher, coach, sports official and athletic director from Lakeland and Harrison Central High Schools. I have been involved with physical fitness my entire life from organized sports as a child through extra-curricular sports in high school to intramural sports in college.

My coaching career consisted of cross-country, basketball, track and field, and Junior Olympics. I taught weight training and served as a strength coach for 7 years. I saw too many people pass through their high school years with weight, exercise, and self-esteem issues only to carry them into their adulthood. Now retired, but staying in the fitness industry due to my passion for fitness. My drive is helping people overcome these issue so that they too can start to feel better about themselves and finally reach the goals.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education
  • I.S.S.A Certified  Personal Trainer

Brian Preston - Personal Trainer


  • Bachelor’s in Exercise Science
  • FMS Level 2 Certified
  • CrossFit Level 1

Years trained? 2 years

Why do I personal train? I personal train because I realized that as people began living longer they still suffered numerous ailments directly related to a sedentary lifestyle.

My favorite exercise: Squats

My workout tip: Focus on compound lifts that target large muscle groups. “Train movements, not muscles.”

My nutrition tip: Ask yourself how is what I’m about to eat today going to affect how I will live tomorrow?

“Don’t live to eat, eat to live”

Patti Katz - Personal Trainer

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Instructor
  • Beachbody Insanity Instructor
  • TRX Instructor
  • Bootcamp Instructor
  • Certified Healthy Lifestyles Coach
  • Associates of Nutrition
I have always been passionate about exercise and nutrition. I have been actively counseling people on healthy eating and wellness for the past 18 years. I started coaching gymnastics and competitive cheerleading in 1998 and then transitioned into personal training. I enjoy training clients of all different ages and fitness levels. I want to help motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their personal goals.

Ariel Jones - Personal Trainer

Certifications: ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor
At age 18, I began my fitness journey which turned into my lifestyle and passion shortly after. I was athletic throughout my high school career at Strasburg, but avoided weight lifting because everyone told me I would get “bulky”. I faced my fears after following a female fitness model online. The first heavy squat I did sparked the fire that now pushed me in my bikini competitions, passion for helping others, and in everyday life. I believe fitness saved my life, and it can save yours too!

Years I have trained: 1 year
Why do I personal train: I am passionate about helping others become their best self!
My favorite exercise: Deadlifts and pull-ups
My workout tip: Don’t worry about doing it wrong, slow, fast, or too much. Just do it and leave the rest to me!
My nutrition tip: I believe in enjoying my food. Find out the right amount of calories, carbs, fats, and protein you need and hit those numbers for your goals. No need to sacrifice taste and miss out on experiences.

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