As part of the Member Services Program here at Super Fitness  we’re always searching for exciting, innovative ways to make your experience as a valued member an enjoyable and fulfilling one. The staff and  management at Super Fitness are pleased to be one of the first fitness facilities in the area to bring you fitRewards!

Now that you’re a member, whenever you complete a qualifying event you will earn points that you can accumulate and redeem for fantastic prizes such as DVDs, home appliances, electronics, custom logo embroidered merchandise and more. And, guess what, you already have points!

If you are not a qualified member for a fitRewards account yet, upgrading your  membership is easy! Just see a Membership Representative and ask about upgrading your membership. You will even receive points for upgrading!


How do I get a FREE fitRewards account?

You already have one. It’s easy, simply go to and follow the instructions to Activate My Account. Your information will be verified with the information on file and you create your own password. If you experience challenges logging on, we may have outdated or different information on file. Stop at Member Services or contact customer support directly by using the online help page or simply send an email to

What if I do not have an email address?

Because this is an online program, having access to the internet is essential to view your account and redeem points. We recommend getting an email address to use in the program. Some email providers like Hotmail, Google and Yahoo offer free email  service. Not having an email address does not exclude you from earning points, we will just not be able to notify you via email that you have points.

What are some of the ways to earn points?

Click Here for a list of ways to earn fitRewards points.

What are some of the prizes that I can earn?

Click Here for a list of prizes.

Earning Points is Easy!

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