Hallie Ferguson - Lost 23 Pounds!

What is your fitness history? 

I have been always been active! As a young teenager I would frequently walk with my mom on her 5 mile walks, always ride my bike and run.  I played basketball and softball from Jr High through High School.  I joined Super Fitness when it was down at Schoenbrunn while I was in College. After High School the active sports ended and so I knew that I wanted to continue doing something and that included becoming a member of the gym.  I love the gym!  I honestly would feel lost it I wasn’t a member of Super Fitness. It has been a part of my life for 15 years.  I always had a slim/tall built.  In my earlier 20s through til I turned 30 it seemed as I would add a couple pounds or more to the scales each year.  When I think back I must have been okay with that- I still exercised everyday and watched what I ate.  When I turned 30 I was still okay with how I looked-still went to the gym everyday, watched what I ate-but noticed that it was getting harder and harder to loose weight. I am now 34 and  I got on the scales-for which I do everyday (Biggest Loser Scale)and seen what it said and I said “I am never going to weigh this again” “Something has to change.”

How did you start your transformation?

I drove over to the gym to see if I could talk to someone regarding what Shakeology was all about. I had seen it online and facebook but wanted more information. I was also looking for someone to talk to regarding calories and something that would help with my meal planning.  That someone was Jennifer Sexton! She was very formative about what  Shakeology was all about. I bought my starter pack at the gym that day and went home and ordered it online.

How have your eating habits changed?

I now have a Shakeology shake for breakfast, instead of sugary cereals or pop tarts. I do watch calories! I try to do 1200 calories a day.  I hardly eat any breads anymore! Every restuarant I go into I only get the under 600 calories meals or something that I know will be equivalent. I even go to Olive Garden and get there under 550 calorie meals with salad-but NO bread sticks!! On a daily basis I drink mainly water!! I haven’t drank pop in over 4 years. I used to drink 2 Diet Lipton Mixed Berry teas a day and now I really don’t even care for it. Maybe 1-2 every month. I have never drank milk but was told that almond milk would be the best to add to the Shakeology and now I love it.

What made you want to make a change? 

The single moment was when I got on the Biggest Loser Scales in my bathroom and seen that NUMBER!!!

What were some challenges you faced along the way…or still face?

I feel that it actually has been fairly easy. One challenge was when I went to The Cheesecake Factory-ate my Skinnylicious meal and turned down cheesecake for dessert . It felt good later that I stayed strong through the situation.

What kind of results have you seen? 

As of 2/26/14 I have lost 23 pounds. I’m not sure how much more I want to go, but I feel great with the progress so far. I started this in the beginning of Nov and stuck through it through all of the holidays.

How do you feel today compared to before your transformation and what keeps you motivated? 

I feel so much better. I have exercise induced asthma-which I got in my early 20s. My breathing is so much better.  I do my daily Advair and need nothing else including the rescue inhaler I used to have to have with me at the gym. My Mom joined the gym back in November- We go to the gym 4 times day week together and then I go back in the evening for spin class.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned throughout your transformation?

To Believe in Yourself! It is such an amazing feeling to see the number drop on the scale day after day after all the hard work that has been put in.  I made this decision to want to try something different Shakeology and I have stuck with it!!!

Do you have any advice for others in similar situations–or any “words of wisdom?”

Every time I go into the Spinning room I read on the wall “ You cannot get fit in one day, just like you cannot live your life in one day” . That is so true- It takes time and a lot of effort to make a change.  If you have the determination, ANYTHING is possible.

Way to Go Hallie!

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