Tanning Packages

With 3 levels of beds to choose from, as well as spray tanning, we have something for everyone!

Level 1 – 20 Minute Bed
Score a sizzling touchdown! S2-40 Touchdown power! 20 minute maximum exposure schedule – 18 Soltron High-tech, 2-meter long lamps at 120 watts in the canopy, 20 Soltron lamps at 100 watts in the base, reflex neck tanner and a Soltron Fan.

  • 30 Day Package
  • Per Visit
  • 5 Visits
  • 10 Visits

Level 2 & 3 – 15 and 12 Minute Bed
A hot date is waiting for you: the XS-45 Flirt Turbo Plus will astound you with it’s charm! 40 flirty Soltron VHP 15 high-tech lamps will get things started as 3 400-watt PSR facial tanners heat things up and the ultimate Soltron foot fan delivers a kick strong enough to knock your socks off! This model will wrap you in its crescent tanning shell as it caresses your body with an attractive tan. With its sexy-cool blue and yellow flirt design, this flirt is definitely what you’ve been dreaming of!

  • 30 Day Package
  • Per Visit
  • 5 Visits
  • 10 Visits

Spray Tanning
The basic spray tan is just the color solution that we apply to your skin.

Spray Tan PLUS
The Spray Tan PLUS, includes pre & post moisturizer. The pre- skin moisturizer, balances out the hormones in the skin so that the tan sprays on evenly. The post moisturizer is applied immediately after the color, to provide the skin with the moisture to develop a deeper, longer-lasting color. Bronzers, Accelerators & Fragrance are all added to customize and enhance your spray tan.

Get your bronze on with our Level 3 bed!

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