Wellness Program Ideas


  • Stock vending machines with healthy options
  • Include nutrition articles in company newsletter
  • Schedule a healthy foods tasting workshop
  • Have pamphlets available on healthy eating topics
  • Start a fresh fruit “snack basket” in break room

Weight Loss

  • Form a support group for employees trying to lose weight
  • Offer onsite fitness and weight management programs
  • Schedule an education session on diet myths and healthy eating
  • Subsidize registration costs for weight management programs
  • Offer individual counseling for employees trying to lose weight

Physical Activity

  • Promote walking during breaks and other off-time periods
  • Allow flexible work schedules to encourage exercise
  • Provide facilities for employees to secure bikes
  • Support lunchtime walking/running clubs
  • Promote & support community walks & fitness events
  • Provide periodic fitness incentive programs to encourage exercise
  • Subsidize gym memberships for employees who participate a minimal number of days per
    week (ex. 3 days per week)
  • Offer reduced gym membership fees to all employees

Smoking Cessation

  • Create a smoke free workplace
  • Schedule on-site smoking cessation workshops
  • Provide pamphlets and information on health effects from tobacco use
  • Subsidize the cost of smoking cessation workshops
  • Reimburse for tobacco replacement products

Health Screenings

  • Offer periodic blood pressure screenings and follow-up
  • Offer Health Risk Assessments to all employees
  • Offer flu shots for employees and family members
  • Offer periodic screenings for cholesterol, blood sugar, body composition, etc
  • Discount health insurance premiums or reduce co-payments for employees who participate in screenings and who participate in managing their risk

Example Fitness Incentive Programs

  1. “Holiday 3 lb Challenge” – this is a contest that encourages employees not to gain more than 3 lbs over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday. There is a weigh in the week of
    Thanksgiving, and a final weigh in right after New Years. If the employee did not gain more than 3 lbs, they receive an incentive. A t-shirt or gift card are good prizes for this.
  2. “Walking/Step Challenge”– employees are broken up into teams (or individual) and everyone is given a pedometer. You set the contest to run 1 or 2 months and the team with
    the most steps wins a prize. This builds team spirit and is fun.
  3. “Biggest Loser” contest – just like with the TV show this is a weight loss completion. This can be done in an individual or team setting. With a team setting it can include more
    people. Even those who may not have much to lose can pair up with people who do and it creates a nice motivation. Employees can come up with a name for their team, and like the
    show there will be weekly weigh-ins. Update the results weekly.

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